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Test Your Knowledge

[Basic hygiene routines and dress code for health and social care staff]

You can test your knowledge here. The test supplements the texts in the Vårdhandboken (Handbook for Healthcare).

When must basic hygiene routines be applied?

Where must basic hygiene routines be applied?

Why must workwear have short sleeves?

When can you wear a wristwatch or jewellery on hands and forearms? 

When must hair and beard be pinned up?

In which situations is it important to wear aprons/gowns?  

When must hands be washed before hand disinfection? 

When must workwear be changed? 

Reviderad av:
Translation: Jessica Ikonen, hygiensjuksköterska, BSc Infection Control Vårdhygien, Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset, Göteborg