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[Basic hygiene routines and dress code for health and social care staff]

Basic hygiene routines must be applied by all health and social care staff involved in care, examination and treatment or other direct contact with a person where health and social care is delivered (SOSFS 2015:10). This is irrespective of health and social care provider and setting. Basic hygiene routines apply whether or not the patient/care recipient is known to have an infection.

The aim of basic hygiene routines and dress code is to prevent the spread of infections in health and social care services.

Basic hygiene routines include

  • Hand hygiene
  • Use of gloves, aprons and gowns
  • Dress code including workwear, hair, beard, jewellery and bandage on hands.

The symbol below is used in Vårdhandboken (The Handbook for Healthcare) when basic hygiene routines must be applied:


Apply basic hygiene routines

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Translation: Jessica Ikonen, hygiensjuksköterska, BSc Infection Control Vårdhygien, Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset, Göteborg

Per-Olof Svensson, hygiensjuksköterska, Smittskydd Vårdhygien, Region Jönköpings län
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