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Basic hygiene routines and dress code for health and social care staff

Test your knowledge

Test your knowledge here. The test supplements the texts in Vårdhandboken (Handbook for Healthcare). Some questions have more than one correct answer.

When must basic hygiene routines be applied?
Bilden visar två händer som tar en klick handdesinfektion ur en pumpflaska.
Where must basic hygiene routines be applied?
Why must workwear have short sleeves?
Why must you not wear a wristwatch or jewellery on your hands or forearms?
When must hair and a beard be pinned up?
In which situations is it important to wear a plastic apron?
When must hands be washed before hand disinfection?
When must workwear be changed?
Why are gloves used?
When must gloves be used?
As a staff member, can I work in direct contact with patients if I have a support splint on my forearm?
How do you protect your face if there is a risk of body fluids being splashed?
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