The Handbook for Healthcare is a website for caregivers and healthcare personnel with over 5 million visits every year. The website can easily be visited with mobile phones netbooks and tablets through the latest web technique responsive design.

The Handbook for Healthcare is based on the Swedish Health and Medical Service Act (HSL) and Social Services Act (SOL). It is designed to help meet national goals for health and medical care in Sweden. Its contents primarily concern the care of adult patients.

Current members of the National Council for the Handbook for Healthcare:

Ann Svensson, Head of Unit Patient Safety, Region Skåne.

Berith Carlsson, Infection Prevention Control Nurse, Sahlgrenska University Hospital. Represent The Swedish Association for Infection Control (SAIC).

Karin Bölenius, Reg. nurse, Professional developer, Region Västerbotten and University lecturer, Umeå universitet.

Robert Eklund, Medical Director Nurse, Falköpings municipality.

Ulrica Hedlund, Medical Director Nurse, Timrå municipality.

Ulrika Källman, Chair of the Handbook for Healthcare Council, Reg. nurse, Medical doctor, Regional Developer, Patient Safety, Region Västra Götaland and Research leader, Research department, Hospital Södra Älvsborg.

Ulrika Olsson Jansen, Reg. nurse and District nurse, Head of Department, Capio Vårdcentral Farsta, Region Stockholm. 

Åsa Lindby, Intensive Care Nurse, Clinical Skills Centre, Örebro University Hospital.

Co-opted member:

  • Chris Landergren, Medical Expert, Inera AB.
  • Åsa Hörnsten, Professor at Department of Nursing, Umeå University.
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